1、Motivating Human Compliance Mitigating Passive Insider Threat

2、You feel me how reading chemistry can improve your success

3、Balancing UX and Secure Banking in a Fast Transforming Industry

4、Secure Software Development Framework An Industry and Public Sector Approach

5、Frameworks Mappings and Metrics Optimize Your Time as CISO or Auditor

6、IOT Monetization Schemes from the Cybercrime Underground

7、Things I Wish Every Developer Knew about Security

8、Post Quantum Provably Secure Authentication and MAC from Mersenne Primes

9、Defending against Multidimensional Attacks The Evolution of Threat

10、The Fog of Cloud Security Logging

11、5G Trust Model Recommendations and Best Practices for CSPs

12、ICS OSINT An Attackers Perspective

13、Million Findings in One Year Fresh Look at the State of Software Security

14、The Attribution Game When Knowing Your Adversary Matters

15、Protecting Data from Ransomware and Breaches Demos and Designs

16、Scaling key management thousands of clients trillions of operations

17、Is there a high school dropout waiting to rock your hiring manager

18、Reversers Assemble Reverse Engineering from IC Chips to Firmware

19、Putting Access Management for the Internet of Things into Practice with MUD

20、Operationalizing the Data Protection Officer Role

21、Enemies at the gate protecting american democracy in 2020

22、SCADAICS Inherited Insecurity From Nuclear Power Plants to Oil Rigs

23、Pre Crime Detection of Active Shooters Using Predictive Policing Systems

24、Flameproofing Your Career Preventing Burnout and Dealing with Adversity.pdf

25、Creepy Leaky Browsers

26、Monokle Mobile Surveillanceware with a Russian Connection

27、Treating cfius funding and exiting when feds step in to Enhance security

28、New Paradigms for the Next Era of Security

29、Securing the Genome The Intersection of Genomics Cloud and Big Data

31、Deterrence in Cyberspace

32、Which Developers and Teams Are More Likely to Write Vulnerable Software

33、Universal Forgery Attack against GCM RUP

34、Put the Analysis Back in Your SOC

35、The year nation state cyber activities crossed a threshold

36、Ransomware Spread through Various Distribution Methods from 2018 to 2019

37、Next Steps for the Cyber Moonshot

38、Top 10 List for Securing Your IT OT Environment

39、Enterprise Incident Management How to Get Everyone Ready for a Crisis

40、HTTPS Why Privacy Doesnt Equal Security

41、Find Your Voice and Your Confidence

42、Rrevisiting public private collaboration asian and global perspective

43、Unshackle Legacy Security Restrictions for 2020 and Beyond

44、API Abuse Through Mobile Apps New Attacks New Defenses

45、Digital Channel Fraud Mitigation Balancing Risk and Reward

46、Magecart Attacks Require Rethinking Your Credit Card Security

47、Preventing an Enterprise Win10 Rollout Being Remotely Controlled and Ransomed

48、Preplanning the Data Breach Chess Board with External Vendors

49、Cryptographic agility anticipating preparing for and executing change

50、Youll Be Shocked When You See These 10 Tips from Former Industry Analysts

51、Artificially Intelligent CISOs on the Blockchain How Technical Should a CISO Be

52、Ransomware A Tale of Two CISOs

53、Humane Technology in Hindsight What We Could Have Done Better

54、Policy Based Sanitizable Signatures

55、The Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage and How We Can Combat It

56、API Security Exposure for Gift Card Fraud A 15 Year Olds Guide

57、How Threat Sharing Hones Your Competitive Edge

58、Look Whos Talking How Fraudsters Steal Voices and Make Billions

59、Intelligent Threat Intel LEAD Framework

60、How to Deploy Secure Technologies to Help Reduce eCommerce Fraud

61、Cybersecurity Tips Tools and Techniques Updated for 2020

62、Prioritizing the Top 20 on a Shoestring

63、Untangling SaaS Security in the Enterprise

64、Time to Spell Out Open Source Software Security

65、Understanding and Disrupting Offensive Innovations

66、Continuous Security and Governance in the Cloud Using a Graph-Based CMDB

67、Supply Chain Security in the Software Era

68、When Application Security The Wrong Way Is the Right Thing for Your Organization

69、Measuring vulnerability remediation strategies with real world data

70、Coordinating a competitive 5G strategy among freemarket democracies

71、Practical cyber diversity now the adulting discussion on trend in motion

72、The CCPA is Here Whats Changed and What You Need to Know for Compliance

73、Identity War Games A Learning Lab on Account Opening Fraud

74、Inside the Takedown of the Rubella Macro Builder Suspect

75、SDLC and 62443 Build it in dont bolt it on

76、Forensic Techniques against Hackers Evading the Hook

77、The modus operandi of ev certificates fraudsters findings from the field

78、Effective Leadership and Motivation What It Took to Race around the World

79、DevSecOps Governance

80、A Mapping of GDPR to Common Features

81、Hacking your cybersecurity career

82、Clearing the Clouds Incident Response in AWS Isnt as Bad as You Thought

83、IoT Bug Hunting From Shells to Responsible Disclosure

84、Tricky Issues and Practical Guidance in Medical Device Cybersecurity

85、Critical Converstions How to Handle Being Heard When it Matters

86、Owning Your Professional Narrative

87、Cramming for FISMA How to Launch a NIST 800 53 Moderate System in 180 Days

88、Losing Our Reality How Deepfakes Threaten Businesses and Global Markets

89、You Already Have the Data Now Use It to Measure Your People Centric Risk

90、Your Democracy Needs You Taking On Digital Dictatorships

91、Cut and Choose for Garbled RAM

92、Traceable Ring Signatures with Post Quantum Security

93、Assessor versus assessed debates on pci dss topics

94、How To for Innovators and Entrepreneursc

95、Modern Strategies for Protecting Users and Data in a Borderless World

96、7 Steps to Maintain Security across Your Dynamic Cloud Estate

97、All That Glitters Debunking Fools Marketing of ML and AI

98、Blockchain and dlt security risks threats and vulnerabilities

99、Play Smart and Automate the Self Defense Using AWS Lamda

100、Election Ballyhoo Disrupting Democracy in 5 Easy Steps

101、How To for Innovators and Entrepreneursb

102、The Value of Human Centered Research in Identity and Access Management

103、How Smart Cities Become Wise

104、Modernizing the Security Operations Center A Security Leader Panel

105、Red Teaming for Blue Teamers A Practical Approach Using Open Source Tools

106、Recapture of Glory The Return of Persistent Threat Actors

107、The Never Ending Crypto Wars

108、Protect privacy in a data driven world privacy preserving machine learning

109、Zero Trust for the Real World

110、Only After Disaster Can We Be Resurrected Field Lessons in Cyber Incidents

111、Pentesting ICS 102

112、10 Cybersecurity Visibility Gaps Every CISO Must Fill

113、Lessons from Americas Two Largest Cities on Preparing for Cyberattack

114、Measuring Improvement with the Cybersecurity Framework

115、Securing the Software Development Life Cycle with Machine Learning

116、Insider Threats When Is It Too Late

117、Faster Homomorphic Encryption Is Not Enough improved Heuristic for Multiplicative Depth Minimization of Boolean Circuits

118、Integrating Our DevSecOps Product Pipeline with Software Security Standards

119、Repurposed Malware A Dark Side of Recycling

120、Compromising Kubernetes Cluster by Exploiting RBAC Permissions

121、M the leap transforming from techie to security leader

122、A Sherlock Holmes Mystery AI Powered Behavioral Forensics

123、One More Assumptions Do Not Help Fiat Shamir type Signature Schemes in NPROM

124、Does Artificial Intelligence Need a General Counsel

125、Symmetric Key Authenticated Key Exchange SAKE with Perfect Forward Secrecy

126、How To for Innovators and Entrepreneursa

127、How to Run a Cyber Incident Response Exercise Using an Open Source Scenario

128、Equifax canada multiclient collaborative cybersecurity audit

129、Everyone Can Play Building Great CTFs for Non Security Folks

130、Universally Composable Accumulators

131、ecuring the budget you need translating technology costs to business impact

132、Product Security Meets Human Life Inoculating Medical Devices

133、PSD2 Preparedness Research Reveals FinTech Risks

134、How to GRC Your DevOps

135、Ot topics in cyber law 2020

136、Incident Response Metrics Turning Stats into Stories

137、Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Youve Come a Long Way Baby

138、How to Protect Your Enterprise Data Tools and Tips

139、Improving Security Awareness with Psychology Advertising and Analytics

140、Scaling IAM Rules with ML Based Risk Analytics You Dont Need to Be a Ninja

141、Using the Hacker Persona to Build Your DevSecOps Pipeline

142、Proactive Container Security for the Masses

143、Going cyber nuclear is it Time for a big red button

144、How To for Innovators and Entrepreneurse

145、Alice Aint Home Detecting and Countering Foreign Hackers on Social Media

146、Nudging Through the Numbers

147、TMKS_Ticket Mediated Password Strengthening

148、Data Ethics and Privacy Engineering in Cybersecurity

149、Why Is Securing Elections the Hardest Problem in IT Security

150、Entropy as a service a framework for delivering high quality entropy

151、Should You Trust Cloud Providers with Your Encryption Keys

152、I Find Your Lack of Security Strategy Disturbing

153、Proactive Directory Practical Counterdefenses to Securing Active Directory

154、How To for Innovators and Entrepreneursd

155、Phishing Mobile Devices for Fun and Prison

156、Geopolitical Risks Elections and Cybersecurity

157、Test and Learn Securing Connected Products and Services

158、Shodan 2.0 The Worlds Most Dangerous Search Engine Goes on the Defensive

159、Forget the Kids Did Alexa Just Use Your Credit Card

160、Capacity Building Guidance for Small Organizations

161、Safety Implications of Medical Device Cybersecurity

162、Standing Up a Successful Product Security Program

163、Cybercrime 2020:Predicting the Year Ahead—Including the Encryption Debate!

164、Imagining the Future of Security

165、Implications of the Global Push to Ban End to End Encryption

166、The First 6 Months as a CISO Determines Success or Failure

167、Minimal Assumptions for Fiat Shamir type Signatures and Advances in Garbled RAM Secure Computation

168、When privacy meets populism how people are influencing the data debate

169、Demystifying 5G Security through Threat Modeling

170、Im Still Standing Says Each Cyber Resilient Device

171、When Cybercriminals with Good OpSec Attack

172、How to Construct CSIDH on Edwards Curves

173、Extracting Secrets from Locked Password Managers

174、Combatting cyber sexual predators

175、My Gadget Just Cares For Me How NINA Can Prove Security Against Combined Attacks

176、Enabling and Reducing the Barriers for Collective Cyber Defense

177、I Had My Mom Break into a Prison.Then We Had Pie

178、Humanizing Privacy with Power of User Experience UX

179、Enhancing Aviation Cybersecurity Capacity or How I Learned to Love a Hacker

180、Third Party Code Where Data Breaches Election Meddling Ad Fraud Converge

181、Hacking the Unhackable Pwning the Bitfi Crypto Wallet

182、The Cyber Resilience Imperative and The role of Pervasive Email Security 3.0

183、Improved Secure Integer Comparison via Homomorphic Encryption

184、Targeted Ransomware A Potent Threat Begins to Proliferate

185、Rocked to the Core

186、Digital transformation deception and detox security leaders anonymous

187、You me and fips 140 3 a guide to the new standard and transition

188、The Impact of Software Security Practice Adoption Quantified

189、Evolution of AIOps to Watch Over Smart City IoT

190、Hacking Your Security Culture for the Cloud

191、Going Beyond the Basics An Advanced Privileged User Management Program

192、Maturing Cyber Risk Management Practices Framework and Next Steps

193、TeleTrusT The European Cybersecurity Act and Its Impact on US Companies

194、Do investors care about cyber risk

195、Industry Standards to Support Supply Chain Risk Management for Firmware

196、Secure Sandboxing in a Post Spectre World

197、2019 Data Breaches Stuffed Creds Jacked Forms and Itinerant Goalposts

198、How Generational Psychology Impacts Your Security Strategy

199、Advanced Persistence Threats The Future of Kubernetes Attacks

200、Am i allowed to subvert machine learning for fun and profit

201、The Power of Cooperation Why Cybersecurity Risks Need Public Private Punch

202、The Age of Economic Warfare What to Expect in This New Reality

203、Lessons Learned 50 Years of Mistakes in Cybersecurity

204、Generic Attack on Iterated Tweakable FX Constructions

205、CyberDiversity New Decade New Rules

206、On the CANT Bus No One Can Hear You Scream

207、The Emerging Role of the CPSO

208、Talent exfiltration an insiders guide to the talent attack life cycle

209、Come for the mission stay for the culture

210、NIST Privacy Framework IRL Use Cases from the Field

211、SoK A Consensus Taxonomy in the Blockchain Era

212、At What Point Does DevSecOps Become Too Risky for the Business

213、Election INfo Ops Stories from the Social Media Frontlines

214、Air Gap Hopping with Musical Fans Proving a False Sense of Security

215、Secure Your Code from Open Source Vulnerabilities

216、Peel Back the Layers of Your Enterprise and Make Your Adversaries Cry

217、Effective and agile enterprise risk management yes we can

218、Privacy Engineering Demystified You Too Can Be a Privacy Engineer

219、DevSecOps Workshop with GitHub Actions and Azure

220、Mobile MFA Madness Mobile Device Hygiene and MFA Integrity Challenges

221、Authentication on the Move Challenges for Mobile Web Applications

222、Disrupting BEC Attacks Utilizing Kill Chain

223、Ransomwares Threat Over Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Production

224、Overdrive2k Efficient Secure MPC over Z_2k from Somewhat Homomorphic Encryption

225、Psybersecurity Mental Health Impact of Cyberattacks

226、Genomics A New Frontier for Privacy and Security

227、Hacking for Cash Three Case Studies on Monetizing Vulnerabilities

228、Challenges in Android Supply Chain Analysis

229、Democratizing Security Knowledge and Automating Decisions

230、Defending Serverless Infrastructure in the Cloud

231、How to Harness Dev and Their Native Tools to Accelerate DevSecOps

232、Shadow IT and Shadow Remote Access How to Find It for free

233、Consensus from Signatures of Work

234、Crushing Biases Why the Digital Identity Industry Needs Diversity

235、How AI Inference Threats Might Influence the Outcome of 2020 Election

236、4th Annual Life and Times of a Cybersecurity Pro Is It Getting Better

237、OpenSSL and FIPS They Are Back Together

238、I believe i belong i matter solving the cyber risk talent gap

239、Beyond the Ballot Box Securing Americas Supporting Election Technology

240、Extending NISTs CAVP Testing of Cryptographic Hash Function Implementations

241、Whats in your risk assessment

242、Beating security inertia with actionable KPIs

243、The Magic of Tracking Attack Campaigns Using Data Science

244、Hacking Exposed Global Threat Brief

245、Nowhere to Hide How HW Telemetry and ML Can Make Life Tough for Exploits

246、Dude Youre Getting a Dell Organizational Culture Shift to SDL Maturity

247、Aviation Cybersecurity Technology and Teamwork

248、Open Source Promise Perils and the Path Ahead

249、Her Story A Journey to Cybersecurity leadership in the Middle East

250、Deep Dive Analysis of Current Enterprise Network Security Mechanisms

251、Serverless Attack Vectors

252、Optimizing Enterprise Cybersecurity through Serious Games

253、Building a Comprehensive IoT Security Testing Methodology

254、Threat Modeling Privacy

255、XDR Improving EDR Effectiveness by Adding Email Network Visibility

256、Rob replicate and replace chinas global technology theft and how to confront it

257、Privacy What Customers Want Why Security Should Care and What to Do Next

258、Welcome to Digiville Navigating Risk in the Digital World

259、Security Operations Dynamic Defense Transformation

260、Traceable Inner Product Functional Encryption

261、Cloud Threat Hunting

262、Abaddon the Red Team Angel

263、Threat Modeling Privacy

264、First Do No Harm

265、Hearts and Minds Shaping a Successful Awareness Program

266、Lessons from GDPR Enforcement What Security Is Appropriate

267、No CISSP No Problem Growing the Cyber Talent Pool

268、Cloud Powered Compromise Blast Analysis In the Trenches with Microsoft IT

269、Better Bootstrapping for Approximate Homomorphic Encryption

270、A Fast Characterization Method for Semi Invasive Fault Injection Attacks

271、MITRE ATTCK The Sequel

272、Augmenting Intelligence Machines as Super Assistants for Security Experts

273、Analyst View CybersecRiskGovernance Jobs Skills Pay Review and Forecast

274、Distributed trust is blockchain the best approach

275、Leaders Needed Preventing the Next Big Breach

276、First Line of Open Source IAM Just Sudo That

277、Learning Lab:Unleash Your Inner Security Champion

278、Are AI and ML Being Used against You and Is It Too Late to Stop It

279、Imagining a Civilized Internet

280、DevSecOps State of the Union

281、Feds Fighting Ransomware How the FBI Investigates and How You Can Help

282、Understanding and explaining post quantum crypto with cartoons

283、Vendors or Open Source Tools How Do You Decide

284、Breaking Bad AI Closing the Gaps between Data Security and Science

285、Build Your Own IDaaS Lessons from Year One

286、What Was Once Old Is New Again Domain Squatting in 2020

287、Nanotechnology Behavior and Supply Chains Managing Risk at a Platform Level

288、Privacy By Design Lessons from Beyonce

289、Breaking Password Dependencies Challenges in the Final Mile at Microsoft

290、Modeling Memory Faults in Signature and Authenticated Encryption Schemes

291、NPK High Powered Open Source Hash Cracking Tool

292、Deep Fakes Are Getting Terrifyingly Real How Can We Spot Them

293、Its 10pm do you know where your certificates and keys are

294、Designing Trustworthy AI A UX Framework

295、Multifactored Auth Bypass How to Armor Up

296、Speaking to executives implementing quantitative risk in cyber programs

297、Metrics Discovering the Key to SOC Nirvana

298、Time to reboot the i o psychology of cybersecurity

299、Break the Top 10 Cloud Attack Killchains

300、Attacking the Dark Corners of the Internet

301、Hunting Linux Malware for Fun and Flags

302、Power Up Your Personal Pitch

303、Implementing the Perfect Travel Laptop Program

304、Its All about the States Navigating the Privacy Thicket

305、How to Implement a World Class IAM Program Driven by Access Analytics

306、The network is going dark why decryption matters for seops

307、Automotive IoT Network Exploits From Static Analysis to Reliable Exploits

308、JavaScript Skimmers Formjacking and Magecart All You Need to Know

309、How To Build Engaging Low Cost Awareness Videos

310、Managing Self Sovereign Identities A Relying Party Perspective

311、Kubernetes Practical Attack and Defense

312、Role of the Board in Your Cybersecurity Strategy

313、Over the Top Security

314、If you cant trust the phone company a mock trial

315、2020 ATTCK Vision Correlating TTPs to Disrupt Advanced Cyberattacks

316、How corporate boards and governments are collaborating on cybersecurit

317、Stopping the Proliferation of IoT Botnets Is Dynamic Analysis the Answer

318、The past Is not the future practical ethics for algorithms

319、Another Look at Some Isogeny Hardness Assumptions

320、Cyber Hygiene for All An Introduction to the CIS Controls

321、How to Reduce Supply Chain Risk Lessons from Efforts to Block Huawei

322、Consumer IoT Security Creating a Baseline Standard

323、Reproducibility The Life and Risks of a Model

324、Open Source Tooling for Threat Analysis and Attack Surface Management

325、Using Automation for Proactive Cloud Incident Response

326、Prioritizing Threats What Would Threat Researchers Do WWTRD

327、Nanny state to Invisible hand whats the proper role for regulation

328、What Really Happens When Hackers Attack Medical Devices

329、Mercedes Benz and 360 Group Defending a Luxury Fleet with the Community

330、Same Thing We Do Every Few Minutes Pinky Try to Take Over All Your Subdomains

332、Air Gapping Is Overrated Pressing a Red Button via a Multifunction Printer

333、A Non Interactive Shuffle Argument With Low Trust Assumptions

335、Bringing Down the Empire The Internet of Medical Things IoMT

337、Next-Gen IoT Botnets #3 Bad Implementations of Good Cloud Platforms

338、Navigating Privacy in a Data Driven World Treating Privacy as a Human Right

339、Intelligent Threat Intel LEAD Framework_FINAL

340、A congressional view of cybersecurity priorities in the 116th congress

341、Cyber litigation 2020 recent cases in the courts and agencies

342、Practical Use of the MUD Specification to Support Access Control in the IoT

343、Machine Learning and Risk Quantification across a Converged Attack Surface

344、Case Files from 20 Years of Business Logic Flaws

345、Logging in the Cloud From Zero to Incident Response Hero

346、The Journey of Cybersecurity in Kuwaits Oil and Gas Industry

347、Human dimensions of active defense

348、Leading Change Building a Security Culture of Protect Detect Respond

349、Misconfigured and Exposed 5 Proven Steps to Secure Your Cloud

350、Privacy policymakers and the tech needed to protect people

351、Tales from the Front Lines 2020

352、Syncopation in Enterprise IT Uneven Migration to and within the Cloud

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